Is your pet’s rabies vaccine up-to-date?

Why do we recommend rabies vaccination for ALL cats and dogs, even those who are exclusively indoor? This is why… 2 rabies-infected bats have been found in the Portland area in the last week. One of these bats was found by a pet dog in a Portland park and the other was INSIDE a Beaverton…

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More Pets + Fewer Staff = Challenges for All

As you’ve heard from us and likely experienced over the last 18 months, the pandemic has put enormous strain on veterinary care providers. This happened for a variety of complex and intertwined reasons, but at its core can be simplified to: More pets – Folks looking for quarantine companionship increased pet adoptions and the acquisition…

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UPDATE: Oregon and Beaverton Pet Clinic’s Reopening

In light of Oregon’s reopening, we’re here to announce what you’ve all been waiting for… being able to come inside the clinic with your pets! We will continue to follow all Oregon OSHA, and CDC guidelines to keep you and our staff safe but are so excited to see you. Is Curbside Really Over? Yes!…

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Updates on Curbside Service

As of May 5th, 2021, Oregon OSHA has indefinitely extended the mandatory curbside veterinary service requirement as part of their Temporary COVID-19 Workplace Rules. These rules will be reviewed every 2 months with the next review set for July. But I thought curbside might end soon? We truly understand how eager everyone is to “get…

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Why is Beaverton Pet Clinic still doing curbside service?

Short answer – because we want to stay open to serve YOU! The longer answer is more detailed, including state regulations and best practices for the health and safety of our patients, clients and staff. First, Oregon OSHA has adopted Temporary COVID-19 Workplace Rules, which includes specific requirements for veterinary facilities and mandates curbside service….

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An Update on Veterinary Care in the Age of Coronavirus

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, veterinary practices are experiencing an unprecedented demand for our services. The reality is that our local veterinary community is overwhelmed with patients needing care to the point that some general practices have had to stop taking new patients for routine appointments, and ER facilities are working on up to 12…

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Kindness is contagious, help us spread it!

We believe in transparency within our team and with our clients, so we’re sharing this message with you as part of the Beaverton Pet Clinic family. BPC has experienced significant changes over the last 18 months, with the transfer of ownership and planned retirement of our wonderful founder Dr. Chris Wilson as well as the…

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COVID-19 Updates

I heard that 2 cats have tested positive – Can my pet get COVID-19? The CDC announced on Wednesday, April 22 that 2 pet cats in New York State tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. While concerning, what we know is that these cats contracted the virus from people, and there is no information suggesting that pets…

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BPC’s COVID Service FAQs

Thank you for your patience as we adapt to the evolving challenges of providing essential veterinary care while preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our community. We know that this “new normal” can be frustrating compared to the service you are used to receiving at Beaverton Pet Clinic. We ask for your understanding that these…

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URGENT DOG FLU UPDATE: CIV Confirmed in Portland

On Friday August 2nd, we received notice from Oregon’s Public Health Veterinarian, Dr. Emilio DeBess, that at least 2 rescue dogs in Portland have tested positive for CIV. If only a couple of dogs have the flu, why is it a concern? Canine Influenza, also known as Dog Flu or CIV, is highly contagious. As…

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