In an emergency: during normal business hours, please call 503-646-6101 or come directly into the clinic. Our sister hospital Frontier Veterinary Hospital is open extended hours including evenings and weekends, please call them at 503-648-1643. All other hours, please call Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital at 503-228-7281 (directions).

Yes!  Prescriptions refilled through the hospital can be mailed to you using USPS Priority Mail Flatrate boxes, and we charge only the cost of postage.  We also have an online pharmacy – you can place an order here, and it will be directly filled and shipped to you by a source you can trust.

Yes! We will do everything we can to schedule you with the doctor of your choice. We are committed to asking you which doctor you prefer on the phone when scheduling your appointment, but sometimes we forget- feel free to remind us anytime. Of course, since we are open 6 days a week, every doctor is not here every day (they like to have days off with their families, too!), so urgent or same-day appointments are scheduled with the first available doctor.

There are a few factors that go into this one, and we always want you to feel comfortable that you understand the fees you are charged for your pet’s care at Beaverton.

The first factor is our experience as humans with our own health care providers. Since most of us have health insurance, we may be unfamiliar with the actual fees our doctors charge for exams and medical treatments. We often pay flat copays for our own medical services, and may never even see the actual billing statement from our doctor. This can definitely cause some “sticker shock” when we see our pet’s medical bills, since we have a limited frame of reference for what services normally cost. In fact, much of the medical equipment (x-rays, ultrasound, IV pumps, anesthesia monitors, etc.), pharmaceuticals (anesthesia, injections, medications, etc.), and supplies veterinarians use are exactly the same as our own human doctors use. Next time you receive an “Explanation of Benefits” from your insurance, take a quick look- it can be very surprising! A veterinarian in the Florida Keys recently wrote a newspaper article in which he compared his own medical treatment for an elbow injury to his dog’s treatment for the same injury. Click the photo on the right to view his article, it is quite interesting.

Another factor is the increased status pets have achieved within our families in recent years. It was not too long ago that most pets weren’t even allowed in the house, let alone allowed to sleep in our beds! Along with this strengthening of the human-animal bond came the demand for more advanced medical treatments and a higher expectation of service by pet owners from their veterinarians. Providing a higher standard of care and meeting pet owners’ service expectations have inevitably caused an increase in prices, due to an increase in veterinarians’ operational costs- in every area, from purchasing new equipment and providing advanced medical training to hiring additional staff to provide both medical and customer service. Our clients have expressed to us over and over again that they believe their pets are members of their family. Because of that, they expect the same level of medical care for their pets as they themselves receive, and we continually strive to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

We have an open door policy at Beaverton, and invite you to tour the hospital next time you are in for a visit. We are happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have, and encourage you to ask any veterinary health care provider you are considering to do the same.

Always. We never want you to feel pressured into proceeding with a treatment you cannot afford, and always want you to feel in control of your pet’s treatment. Our veterinarians take their responsibility to your pet very seriously- theirs is a unique position, with patients who cannot speak for themselves and must rely on the vet to be their advocate. While we will always recommend the “gold standard” course of treatment for your pet, we completely understand that this is not always the course with which you want or are able to proceed.

Non-emergency or routine care- We are always happy to provide you with a cost estimate before proceeding with any treatment. If the estimate is beyond what you are comfortable with, simply let us know and we will provide an alternative. Your veterinarian will work with you to prioritize the treatments and come up with a plan that works for you.

Emergencies- It is an unfortunate reality of pet ownership that emergency situations arise. Often there are few alternate courses of treatment available in life-or-death situations, and emergency care is typically very costly. This is where pet insurance or an emergency pet fund can be invaluable. If you do not have either, we do accept Care Credit and can help you apply for this emergency line of credit if necessary. We are not affiliated with Care Credit, however, like Mastercard or Visa we do accept it.

Pet Insurance- Pet health insurance is quickly becoming a popular choice for pet owners. As advances in veterinary medicine have provided expanded treatment options, pet owners have sought out insurance as a way to make these treatments more affordable. There are now a range of plans available at most insurance providers, from basic catastrophic coverage to comprehensive plans that cover everything from routine exams and vaccines to dental cleanings.

We do not offer our own insurance plan, but we are happy to work with any pet insurance company. Because pet insurance companies work directly with the pet owner, the choice is truly yours- we will work with whatever company you choose. The other advantage to selecting an independent insurance company, as opposed to one affiliated with a specific veterinarian, is that you have greater flexibility in the case of an emergency. The website petinsurancereview.com offers coverage comparison charts as well as pet owner reviews of the major pet insurance companies. Click here for more information on choosing a pet insurance company.

This is a tough one, and something that we continually review as a future option. The fact is that providing 24-hour care is extremely costly, so in order for it to be a viable option for us there must be enough demand for the service to sustain itself. Right now there is not enough demand for us to provide 24-hour care without necessitating an increase our other prices to make ends meet, which is something you have clearly told us you do not want.

Just like in human medicine, your veterinarian cannot legally diagnose an illness or prescribe a medication without having performed a physical exam on your pet for that specific problem. So if your pet was well at his last exam and not exhibiting symptoms, the doctor must do another exam in order to recommend treatment or prescribe medicine. Basically, something changed and the vet needs to figure out what it is so your pet can get better!

Absolutely. You are always welcome to observe your pet’s treatment. Many services are best performed in our Treatment Room because the equipment we need to use is located there or because the treatment (like ear cleaning) is messy and better done outside the exam room. Also, many pet owners are squeamish about needles or seeing their pet’s blood drawn and prefer not to be present during these treatments. However, as we mentioned before, the hospital has an open door policy and would be happy to take you to the Treatment Room with your pet while procedures are performed.

We completely understand why this is confusing! Some parasite prevention products are prescription and some are not- this is dictated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) just like human medications and we must comply with their regulations. The product’s box will indicate if it is FDA (Food and Drug Administration- prescription) or EPA (Environmental Protection Agency- over-the-counter) regulated.

By Oregon law, a licensed veterinarian must have a valid Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) with you and your pet in order to provide veterinary services. Vaccines, prescription refills and heartworm tests are all considered veterinary services. A valid VCPR cannot be established online, via e-mail, or over the phone. It can only be established by a veterinarian performing a physical examination of your animal. To learn more about what a VCPR is, click here.

Sometimes it is very difficult to tell if your pet is having an emergency, so erring on the side of caution and having your pet seen by a veterinarian for anything questionable is always best. As mom always said, it’s better safe than sorry! See urgent care.

The main reason this happens is that prescription food ordering is limited by the food companies to only once a week- so if we run out of a product right after receiving it, we have to wait a whole week before ordering more. There are a few tips to make sure you are not disappointed when coming in to get your pet’s food:

  • Ordering days- Please place your order by 8am on Monday to ensure delivery that week.
  • Don’t wait until the weekend! The weekends are the busiest days of the week for food sales but unfortunately also the end of the “ordering week,” so we are more likely to be sold out on the weekends.
  • Think of it like a medication refill. Most people don’t wait until they are out of their medicine before calling for a refill, so think of your pet’s food the same way- call in advance and we can order or hold a bag for you.

Of course! We have technician appointments available 7 days a week for services like nail trims. We can trim your nails traditionally or dremel them, which is like filing instead of cutting. Dremeling does take more time so it costs a bit more, but we are happy to do whichever method you prefer.

We are happy to teach you how to perform these services at home, and we even have instructions and videos on our website to learn how to brush your pet’s teeth, administer medications and more- click here to check them out. We are also happy to give you a private tutorial- simply call to Make An Appointment or ask to watch the next time your pet is in for a nail trim!

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