Dr. Astrid Reyes

Dr. Reyes was born in El Paso, Texas but lived in Mexico up until her last years of college. She attended college at the University of Texas at El Paso where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences. After graduation, she did a 6-month internship in a big cat rescue in Arkansas where she cared for tigers, lions, cougars, leopards, and bears.

She then returned to El Paso to work as a veterinary technician before leaving home again to attend veterinary school. Dr. Reyes graduated from Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine and after enjoying the amazing views of the Pacific Northwest for four years, she decided to stay in the beautiful state of Oregon to work as a small animal veterinarian. Dr. Reyes is interested in learning more about her patients and their owners and the human-animal bond.

In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors through every season of the year, especially fall (the color-changing leaves are beautiful!). She is also a homebody and likes to spend time with her cats and watch movies covered in a blanket while drinking a hot drink.

Do you have any nicknames?

My family sometimes calls me Vali (pronounced as Valee) but other than that, I get called by either my first or middle name. 

In your words, what is your job at Beaverton Pet Clinic?  Any special projects or responsibilities?

As a veterinarian, my goal is to work with owners in order to provide the best care possible for their pets. I want to make sure I can answer any questions that they may have about their pet’s health and provide the best treatment recommendations. 

Why did you decide to work at Beaverton Pet Clinic? 

Everyone who works at Beaverton Pet Clinic is always doing their best to provide the highest standard of care for each patient they see. As soon as I realized that they share the same mindset , I knew I wanted to work here.  

Do you have any pets?  If so, name/age/description.  Any special skills or fun features? 

 I have a very vocal and demanding 1  year old orange cat named Chester. From him, I learned the true value of pet insurance as he is always looking for trouble by eating anything that seems interesting to him. He’s very cuddly and smart. He easily learned the ‘sit’ command and I am sure he would learn more if I actually tried harder to teach him new commands. I just adopted a 9 week old kitten named Cleo and I hope they become best friends!

Tell us a (or several!) little known fact(s) about you!  

My native language is Spanish and I come from a US-Mexican border city in Texas.  I’m new to the Portland area and I’m so excited to explore the restaurants, attractions, and hiking trails that this area has to offer. 

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