Jaime Lambert, VA

Veterinary Assistant

Jaime’s first introduction to Beaverton Pet Clinic was over 20 years ago as a client who, having the responsibility of caring for an elderly kitty, learned a lot about animal nursing care firsthand. In 2007, Jaime was hired on as a veterinary assistant and has proven herself to be a valuable employee with her cheerful nature, attention to detail and eagerness to help and to learn.

Yet another native Oregonian, Jaime grew up in Portland, and now lives with her husband, Scot, on land in the Scholls area that boasts a creek that flows through the wooded portion of the property. Consequently, she enjoys regular viewings of deer, coyotes, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, porcupines, the occasional bobcat and lots of birds including hawks and a Great Horned Owl. As a property owner, she has had to learn lots of skills which include small engine maintenance, drywall repairs, basic plumbing, electrical, driving her John Deere tractor and tending her Noble Fir Christmas tree plot, vegetable patch and her rose garden. If that didn’t keep her busy, she also is a highly skilled bowler, winning many prizes in her leagues. She uses her cross-stitching and sewing to enhance her dedication to Christmas decorating indoors and out. Many people might be surprised to know that Jaime has been a certified scuba diver which she put to good use on a trip to Australia, diving on the Great Barrier Reef with sharks and other marine life!

She is also the dedicated parent to her cats Nicholas; Juliet; two newcomers, Sabrina and Samuel; and her saltwater fish collection.