Alicia Gratteri, CVT

Certified Veterinary Technician

Alicia is the employee with bragging rights for being the longest term worker at Beaverton Pet Clinic, starting in 1992. She received her veterinary technician certificate in 1999. Anyone who has ever met Alicia can immediately sense that there hasn’t been a critter she didn’t like, not being shy about falling in love with every cat, dog, rabbit, hamster and rat that comes in the door.

Her life’s dream is to eventually set up an animal sanctuary somewhere on the Oregon Coast for wildlife and rescued domestic animals as well.

Her current menagerie includes 2 mixed breed dogs and 4 cats, but she has unofficially adopted every four-legged creature who crossed the threshold of Beaverton Pet Clinic. Her outside interests include: movie thrillers, Twilight books, wildlife (wolves, cougars, bears, orcas), wilderness and oceans, folklore such as Celtic and native Northwestern, and needlework.