Meet Sara, our Practice Development Director. Sara began working at Frontier Veterinary Hospital in 2004 and is excited about joining the Beaverton Pet Clinic team.

So, do you go by Sara or do you have any nicknames?

I go by Sara or my initials SF, which is kind of a “thing” here at Frontier. However, my nickname is Scara- the CSRs (Client Service Representatives) came up with that when I was still working at the front desk. I know it sounds bad, but they tell me that it’s affectionate! I have a bulletin board full of adorable notes and drawings they’ve made for Scara.

In your words, what is your job at Frontier?

I am the Practice Development Director, which is a fancy name for “stuff no one else wants to do”, ha! But seriously, it means that I do all of our business reporting, analysis, and strategy, as well as handle our marketing, social media, community outreach, and event planning. It’s half technical and half creative, which goes with my personality- I love Microsoft Excel and I love chatting with our clients.

Why did you decide to work at Frontier Veterinary Hospital and now at Beaverton Pet Clinic?

Obviously, my job has changed a lot in the many years I’ve been here, but I started out as a CSR. Before moving from Seattle to Hillsboro in 2004, I worked in retail management for 10+ years, which was challenging but not always very rewarding. I decided at that time I wanted to find a job that I could truly enjoy. I have always loved animals, and the thing I most enjoyed about retail was working with people, so working at Frontier seemed like the perfect job. Over the decade and a half I’ve now worked in veterinary medicine, I’ve truly found my passion and developed a career that utilizes my skills in a way that is truly fulfilling. I am so excited about bringing my best to Beaverton Pet Clinic and the wonderful team!

Do you have any pets?

A proud self-described crazy cat lady, my wife and I have 4 cats: Lula, a sassy 15-year-old calico; Sampson, a true gentleman and 10 year-old orange tabby; Jack, aka Fuzzy Bear Cat, a 6 year-old black longhair; and Boo, a 4 year old Russian Blue who is so beautiful we have taken to calling him Pretty Pony. Lula has been with me from the beginning, so she is my “special snowflake”… like most calicos, she is extremely feisty and has a HUGE personality. She actually does not like other cats, which make for quite an exciting household! But at home she is very affectionate and so much fun- she loves to play and is always doing something to make me laugh. A fun fact is that Boo and Jack are Superheros – they donate blood to the Blood Bank at Dove Lewis to help other kitties in need!

Tell us a little-known fact about you!

I am originally from Buffalo, New York, and am a huge hockey fan- go Sabres! I am an avid cyclist and enjoy taking long rides through our beautiful rural areas. I enjoy organized century rides, Seattle to Portland, and Cycle Oregon, to name a few. I also play roller derby with Air Raid Roller Derby. Probably the least known fact about me is that I have a BFA in Illustration. Sadly, there are not very many employers looking for a full-time illustrator! However, I do enjoy drawing in my free time, especially portraits of people and pets, and often do pet portraits for family and friends.

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