We handle all your avian medical needs, from Finches and Budgies to Macaws and African Grays- Dr. Claire Peterson can treat your backyard chickens and ducks, too! Claire is also a falconer and has experience with wildlife rehabilitation. Here’s a quick note from Dr. Peterson:

I’m Dr. Claire Peterson, and I want to share with you my absolute love of birds! I have loved birds for longer than I can remember (you can just ask my parents!). They were always my favorite exhibits at the Oregon Zoo and I would go to Audubon and take pictures of the wild song birds there for hours. When I was 13 I found a rehabilitation center that would allow kids my age to volunteer and I started volunteering cleaning cages and feeding the education birds there. In short time I was handling all of the birds of prey there (hawks, owls, and falcons) and giving tours of the facility. On my 18th birthday I went out and held my first eagle, and I haven’t looked back.

It was a little bit later until I was introduced to parrots. My friend growing up had a grey parrot named Ringo (who is still alive and well to this day) that I would obsess over. The first parrot I particularly became friends with was a white umbrella cockatoo at the Oregon Zoo who would come out for their bird shows. Kaya was not a fan of many people but she took a particular shining to me (she’s now retired from shows and living with one of her original keepers at their home in a beautiful little private aviary!). I still can’t believe how intelligent and what a huge variety of personalities that birds have.

So spread the word to your friends with feathered family members – Frontier and I love birds!

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