Whether it’s seasonal or year-round, allergy symptoms can be as miserable for our pets as they are for us, and anyone who has ever suffered from allergies knows just how bad that can be. Red, irritated eyes, sneezing, coughing, and itchy/red skin and ears are just some of the symptoms your pet may exhibit when dealing with allergies. Unfortunately, many symptoms get overlooked, and secondary issues such as skin, eye and ear infections and hot spots can arise and by then your pet has been dealing with allergies for some time. Waiting until these secondary issues arise also leads to more tests and treatments for your pet which can add up to a higher vet bill and who wants that? So, watch for early signs that your furry family member might be allergic. Listen for congestion, increased sneezing or coughing. Check their skin, ears, eyes, and paws for redness. And note where any excessive scratching or licking is taking place as this can help us decipher the underlying allergic cause (food, fleas, seasonal pollens, etc). Catching the signs of allergy early is the key to a quick recovery for your friend and a lower vet bill for you!

– Dr. Wilson