10 Ways to Help Your Pet Live Longer and Save You a Bunch of Money on Vet Bills at the Same Time!

So far, this series of blog posts have covered:
#1 – Have a financial plan to cover the costs of veterinary care
#2 – Have a thorough physical examination done every year
#3 – Feed really good food
#4 – Vaccinate only for what is really needed and only as often as necessary
#5 – Don’t let them get fat

Our next topic mostly involves our wallets!

#6 Price-shop medications, supplements, and special needs foods

Veterinary clinics used to be the only source for pet prescription medications, parasite products (fleas, ticks, heartworm, intestinal worms, etc.), supplements and special needs foods. However, the last few years have seen the birth and growth of a number of online pet product websites such as 1800PetMeds and others. These web-based retailers can provide the same ease and convenience of other internet stores and we don’t discourage our clients from making use of them. In fact, we have our own Beaverton Pet Clinic online store, powered by Vet Source from which you can shop for nearly every pet medication, supplement and special diet at great prices and without paying shipping in most cases! To access our online store, just go to our website www.beavertonpetclinic.com and, on the right side of the home page, look for the “Home Delivery” box. Just click on “Shop Now” and you will be off and running!

Secondly, don’t assume you can always get the best prices online! Many times we can offer even better deals here at the clinic than you can get at any online store…even our own!! This is especially true of flea and tick products as well as heartworm preventatives. My best advice is that you CALL US FIRST before you place any online order to see if we can get you an even better deal here!

– Dr. Chris Wilson